Founder & CEO

WestCoast Sunglasses has a full replacement warranty on all its sunglasses and sunglass products. We strive to present the newest and the best quality sunglasses to you and to your business.

WestCoast Sunglasses Inc. has been a supplier of quality sunglasses and sunglass accessories since 2001. We are located on the West Coast of Florida in Clearwater, part of the Greater Tampa Bay area. We offer a full range of sunglasses and sunglass accessories at competitive prices. Our styles and quality are superb!

Styles change very rapidly within today’s marketplace and we are constantly purchasing to keep pace with this dynamic market. When your selected style number is no longer currently available, we reserve the right to substitute a newer style of similar or greater quality to better serve your request. If for any reason you are unhappy with our substitution then we will replace with a current style more to your liking.

WestCoast Sunglasses, Inc guarantees that our business success hinges on your business success. That is why we constantly replace our styles with the newest styles and colors that are demanded by the consumer. This is our guarantee that we will work with you towards our mutual success and growth.